About us

Legal Bureau “Palyulin and Partners” was founded in 2016 by experts in the field of law and finance under the leadership of Anton Palyulin — a forensic lawyer, an experienced specialist in legal consulting.

The main activities of the bureau are legal support, judicial protection, due diligence and all types of legal and related services.

In our activity we are guided by the principles of efficiency, responsibility and competence.

Effectiveness is an activity aimed solely at the result, so that the client gets what he wants by contacting us. Therefore, we conduct cases wholly from the pre-trial claim to recovery of monetary funds within the framework of the enforcement proceedings; from the development of the draft contract to the procedure for signing it between the parties and further support; from the analysis of the problem to its complete elimination.

Responsibility is the principle of order and complete passage of all procedural cycles, and client gets timely report about these steps. The client sees that every procedural action that must and can be carried out under his project is done accurately and on time, in the proper way and with an accurate report on the work done.


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