Managing partner

Managing Partner of the Legal Bureau “Palyulin and Partners”.

He graduated from the National Research University — Higher School of Economics (NRU-HSE) specialty “Jurisprudence”. He graduated from the graduate school of the Higher School of Economics at the Department of Theory of Law and Comparative Law.

Member of the Supreme Council of the All-Russian Public Organization “Investment Russia”.

Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the All-Russian Political Party “Civil Position”.

More than 7 years in legal consulting. More than 1000 successfully completed trials. Won in courts more than 5 billion rubles.

Managing partner

Managing Partner of the Legal Bureau “Palyulin and Partners”.

Graduated in law with a degree in Law from Kostroma State Technological University.

Work experience including representing interests in civil and administrative courts.


Partner (Russia)

Graduate of the Specialty of the Russian International Academy of Tourism with a major in "Jurisprudence". He graduated from the Russian New University (RNU) with a master's degree in “Economics of the firm and industry markets”. He graduated from the postgraduate course of the RNU specializing in Civil Law, Business Law, Family Law.

Member of the Russian Land Union (Moscow regional zonal department).

Adviser of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in the department "Methodology and modeling of the safe development of systems and processes".

The legal experience is more than 10 years.

Deputy Head

Graduate of the Institute of Economics and Anti-Crisis Management (EACM), specializing in “Accounting, Analysis and Audit”.

Work experience in the field of finance, insurance and banking more than 5 years.

Senior lawyer

Graduate of the Moscow Financial-Industrial University "Synergy", majoring in "Jurisprudence" with qualification "lawyer", civil profile.

The last 5 years has been actively specializing exclusively in protecting the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of clients in litigations in the courts of general jurisdiction and federal arbitration courts.


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