Judical support

Court Support

No matter how much ideal your relationship with counterparties are, anyway in the implementation of economic, non-commercial, family, any civil activity, disputes are inevitable. Lawyers of “Palyulin and Partners” successfully solve the most complex litigation disputes, in which lawyers refuse both internal and external consulting. Our lawyers successfully conduct cases in the magistrates’, district and arbitration courts, the courts of subjects and arbitration courts of appeal, the Appeals Courts of the districts, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

Arbitration process

Our lawyers have extensive experience in court support of disputes arising from:

  • contracts of delivery;
  • employment contract;
  • construction contracts;
  • investment contracts;
  • challenging acts of public authorities;
  • protection of intellectual property rights;
  • protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

Civil Procedure

“Palyulin and Partners” have a rich competence in the field of courts of general jurisdiction. Our lawyers lead and win the most difficult cases in the spheres:

  • recognition and protection of property rights;
  • hereditary disputes;
  • division of property of spouses;
  • the recovery of compensation for non-pecuniary damage;
  • recognition of transactions as invalid;
  • eviction from the occupied premises;
  • recovery of alimony.

“Palyulin and partners” carry out the case on a " turn-key " basis, from entering the court process to ensuring its real execution: collection of money, transfer of disputable property, publication of refutation in the press. The high competence of our lawyers allows us to achieve a very high percentage of winnings in disputes, even if other lawyers have refused from the principal.

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