Alternative liquidation of firms

Disqualification, tax penalties, administrative and criminal liability, debts to the budget and counterparties — this is not a complete list of problems faced by managers and business owners. From the first glance on that unbearable volume of difficulties, many people can feel frustrated, but if they just switch off, then the problem will not be solved, but will be exacerbated.

We offer to solve your problems quickly, legally and inexpensively.

We actively practice the option of “alternative” liquidation of LLC or JSC through re-registration to an alien. The new member and director:

  • will not be required to have a work permit in the territory of the Russian Federation (citizen of Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan);
  • have a Slavic surname, name and patronymic;
  • will not raise doubts in the tax service as a respectable citizen of his country and a taxpayer.

No mass directors or “nominal” leaders and participants are used for re-registration. The new owner of your company will own only one, only your firm, and will also manage only this one firm at his own discretion.

Refusal to state registration of changes in the USRLE or suspension of registration actions are unlikely even if the company has debts to budgets, funds or counterparties.

Your successor is living abroad, and therefore nobody can call him to give explanations or demand the statutory documents that you gave him. It is not possible. This method is by far the most affordable and reliable option of “alternative” liquidation of LLC or JSC in comparison with the criminal ban on fictitious reorganization or re-organization of the organization for nominal persons.


  • 30 000 rubles (“change of director”)
  • 50 000 rubles (“change of director and exit of participants” — when it is necessary to withdraw not all participants or you have already introduced your new participant),
  • 70 000 rubles (“change of director, entry of a new participant and exit of old participants”).


1. 50%

  • advance payment: payment for a new manager’s EDS;
  • change of director,
  • registration of documents for the entry of the participant;

2. 50%

  • withdrawal of the participant.


EDS (electronic digital signature) is issued to the new head of the company (foreigner), so that he could send documents to the Tax Inspection without coming to the Russian Federation. EDS serves as a substitute for notarization of forms R13001 and R14001 and it is a legitimate mean of identifying a person in registering actions (according to Federal Law No. 129-FZ). Also, the EDS allows the new head to conduct business and report to Russia from abroad.


  • 5 orders AT ONCE — 20% discount,
  • 10 orders AT ONCE — 25% discount.


  • You send us the documents for the order,
  • we prepare all the documents required for registration at the Tax Inspectorate,
  • we issue an EDS for the applicant,
  • step by step we send you the signature of documents and in the form of scans then send them to IFTS.

No workflow on paper is required.

Alternative liquidation by the example of specific documents.


  • COLOR scan of the PSRN (Primary State Registration Number)certificate,
  • COLOR scan of the ITN (Individual Taxpayer Number)certificate,
  • copies of passports (or accurate passport data) of active participants.

Send them right now to the address: and we will begin the liquidation procedure for your company!


  • Search for a new leader and participant (foreigner),
  • preparation of documents,
  • production of digital signature for an alien,
  • certification of registration forms of digital signatures,
  • submission to the IFTS of all stages of registration activities.

The price does not include:

  • state duty — 800 rubles,
  • notary fees — the exact amount depends on the particular notary (about 4 500 rubles).

NOTARY is required for certification of:

  • decision (protocol) about increasing of authorized capital — to enter the foreigner in LLC,
  • applications for withdrawal from the membership of the LLC — for the exit of old participants.

We can not carry out the specified actions WITHOUT personal attendance of participants at the notary.

It is possible that the client’s case is individual and the nature of the notarial actions will be changed. In this case, we will inform you about the procedure.

We perform the registration actions as follows:

  • Stage 1 — change of director,
  • Stage 2 — entering a new participant,
  • Stage 3 — the exit of old participants.

The general term of performance is 1 month. Changing the order of actions is NOT recommended.

Important! The General Director is engaged in registration activities. If you want to submit a report to the tax authority, so the procedure for submitting reports after the change of director is described in the relevant section.

We work throughout the Russian Federation, with the exception of the following regions:

11 — Syktyvkar
18 — Izhevsk
19 — Abakan
20 — The Terrible
25 — Vladivostok
26 — Stavropol
32 — Bryansk
36 — Voronezh
38 — Irkutsk
39 — Kaliningrad
40 — Kaluga
42 — Kemerovo
44 — Kostroma
45 — Barrow
46 — Kursk
48 — Lipetsk
51 — Murmansk
52 — Nizhny Novgorod
55 — Omsk
57 — Eagle
62 — Ryazan
67 — Smolensk
71 — Tula
72 — Tyumen
73 — Ulyanovsk
75 — Chita

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