Financial reporting accounts

In the event that you have made a change of the head of the LLC to a foreign citizen, but consider it necessary to hand over the accounting statements to the Tax Inspectorate, the following information will be useful to you:
  1. a copy of the passport of the new General Director is not issued: these are the requirements of the Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”.
  2. the electronic digital signature (EDS) of the new director is not transferable to anyone, including the client.
  3. EDS of the new director is only for carrying out registration actions, not for the reporting.


You can use the following option:
  • for the reporting period, appoint in the organization a deputy head (your representative),
  • make appropriate changes to the USRLE,
  • issue an EDS for the submission of reports,
  • submit a report on behalf of this person,
  • to terminate the powers of the deputy and make changes to the USRLE again.
What can we do for you:
  • prepare documents for the appointment of a deputy and the subsequent termination of his powers — 3 000 rubles (each stage of registration actions),
  • send documents for registration in the USRLE — 3 000 rubles (each stage of registration actions). At the same time, we do not form an EDS for the deputy and do not submit the reports to the tax authority. You do it yourself.

Payment for services is made upon order.

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