Contractual and claims


Only a lawyer who has such qualities, can create an ideal contract can:

  • possesses all legal competencies;
  • owns financial literacy and can predict the economic consequences of the performance or non-performance of the contract for the parties;
  • has a wide experience of judicial work and knows all the “strong” and “weak” parties of contracts that become the subject of litigation;
  • has extensive experience in contractual work and can convince the other side to take exactly those conditions that will ensure your legal and financial security.

Lawyers of “Palyulin and Partners” have all of these competencies.

Claim work

Pre-trial settlement of a dispute is an obligatory procedure that precedes the arbitration process. Proper management of the claim work will help to avoid the court and negotiate with the other party at the pre-trial stage. Deferrals and installments of payments, pledges, guarantees, bank guarantees, debt restructuring and complex combinations of these ways to ensure the fulfillment of obligations — this is basis on which the lawyers of “Palyulin and Partners” build the claim work.


The best battle is the one that did not happen. The best dispute is one that was won without trial. Lawyers of “Palyulin and partners” will prepare and execute a full range of works on the conduct of negotiations, reaching a consensus on a parity basis and will ensure that your counterparty accepts your side, while still benefiting. Negotiations are based on the concept of “win-win”, that is, “win-win”, when there are no losers in the dispute, and each party is satisfied with the results of the negotiations and remains in financial and / or non-material gain.

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