An example of alternative liquidation

Preliminary stage.
The customer sends us color scan copies of tax registration certificates (ITN), registration as a legal entity (PSRN) and two reversals of the participants' passports and the general director: with a photograph and a stamp on registration. If the participant is a legal entity - then color scan copies of the ITN and PSRN of such legal entities will be required. The owner is not required to visit a notary or lawyers.

1. 1. Scan-copy of the certificate of tax registration.

2. Scan-copy of the certificate of state registration.

3. Scan-copy of the passport.

Stage of change of the general director
At this stage, members of the society decide on the early termination of the powers of the acting director and appoint a new, a buyer of the business, who issues an order about his appointment and sends it to the tax inspectorate via the Internet.
It is not required to visit a notary or lawyers.

4. The decision to change the head of society.

5. The order to appoint a new leader.

The stage for entering a new participant.
At this stage, the old participant accepts the application of the new participant (the buyer of the business) about becoming a member of the participants. It will save money, because services of the notary are not needed.
This is the first time when an old participant (nobody except him! ) should report to any notary, complete the entry of the participant on his application and send scans to the performer. In addition, an old participant draws up a contribution to the authorized capital from a new participant to the company's cashier and a state duty of 800 rubles.

6. Application for entering a new participant.

7. Notarized decision of the old participant on the introduction of a new participant.

8. The receipt of the Company on the contribution of a new participant to the authorized capital

9. Receipt for payment of state duty

10. The new Charter.

Stage of the withdrawal of the old participant.
At this final stage, the old participant in the second and last time visits any notary. At the notary he writes a statement on the withdrawal from the membership of the society, sends the scan to the performer and finally ceases to be connected with his former company.

11. Statement of the old participant on leaving the society.

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